n            4x10Gb/s parallel optical interface compliant to 802.3ba 40G LR4

n            Uncooled 4 CWDM DFB transmitters and PIN photodiode receivers

n            Form factors compliant to CFP MSA

n            XLAUI High Speed Electrical Interface

n            IEEE compliant MDIO interface for management and digital diagnostic monitor

n            Single +3.3V power supply, operating case temperature: 0~70C

n            All-metal housing for superior EMI performance

n            Advanced firmware allows encryption information of customer system stored in transceiver

n            10km transmission distance over SMF

n            Duplex SC connector

n            RoHS compliant

n            No reference clock needed



n            Inter Rack Connection

n            Rack to rack

n            Data centers

n            Metro networks

n            Switches and Routers

Brand : GEVISTA Unit : PCS
  GEVISTA_CFP-40GB-LR4 (ETHERNET) 414.4 K  2010-03-10